VERCAN ELEKTRIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI was established in 1972. It has been continuing with its name in the best and most appropriate way for cable lugs in the energy sector for many years. VERCAN ELEKTRIK has a range of products that can vary widely about cable lugs, connectors, connection terminals, blades. This scale is divided into multi-arm branches in itself.

VERCAN ELEKTRIK, which is open to restructuring, with a varying understanding of trade. VERCAN ELEKTRIK, by giving importance to the quality studies of it’s vision, started the necessary studies in this area in December 2001 and has been receiving the necessary documents until today.


  • With the slogan “CONNECT ENERGY WITH IN TRUST”, we are delighted to have it securely connected to all our valued customers who need energy and to our valuable potential companies who want to work with us.
  • While doing all these, we have adopted the demands of our valued customers with the most effective, fast and accurate solutions.
  • It is our policy that our products comply with all relevant standards along with quality performance and safety.
  • Even when it is not valid for every company to provide the most correct solution to our valued companies under the most favorable conditions and speed, we, VERCAN ELEKTRIK. As, we are proud to have accomplished this.
  • Necessary documents to ensure the validity of these works in the world VERCAN ELEKTRIK  provided by. You can easily reach our documents section. In this context, it is our quality philosophy to ensure that you use the quality materials you need, to work without problems and efficiently in your works, and to sign successful energy projects.
  • In this way; We aim to establish our cooperation with our valued customers, the sector we are in and the quality agreement socially.